19 Jan 2014

Storage of Important Reservoirs in the Country (As on 27 December, 2013)

Central Water commission is monitoring storage position of 85 important reservoirs spread all over the country, of which as many as 37 reservoirs are having significant hydro-power benefits with installed capacities of more than 60 MW each. 

The combined live storage in these 85 reservoirs at the beginning of monsoon i.e. 1.6.2013 was 21 % of their designed capacity and stood at 71% of designed capacity as on 27.12. 2013. 

The present storage is 120% of last year’s storage and 123% of last 10 years average storage during the same period. 

Out of these 85 reservoirs there are presently 13 reservoirs where this year’s storage is 80% or less of the average of previous 10 years and in remaining 72 reservoirs the storage is more than 80% of the average of previous 10 years. 

In order to derive the best possible benefits from the available water, Central Water Commission is keeping in touch with the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation and providing information of the weekly storage position to the Crop Weather Watch Group for evolving suitable crop strategies and also appraising the situation to various Departments and Ministries involved in Water Resources Planning. 

Basin wise storage position as on 27.12.2013 is as follow: 

The storage position in Cauvery and neighbouring EFRs and Krishna basin is close o normal whereas storage in all other river basins is better than average of previous 10 years. 

Out of 37 reservoirs with significant hydro potential, 10 reservoirs have storage build up less than or equal to the average of last 10 years. 

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