31 Jan 2014

Time Slots of Erring Airlines withdrawn from Delhi

Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA)
The Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA) has withdrawn time slots of following flights from Delhi with immediate effect :

1. Jet Airways          9W-2452

2. Jet Airways          9W-2794

3. Go Air                  G8-343

4. Go Air                  G8-164

5. IndiGo                  6E-024

6. IndiGo                  6E-316

On January 29 visibility at IGI Airport, Delhi, started dropping after 1730 hrs whereas RVR started dropping after 2030 hrs. 

This trend was brought to the notice of all the airlines. DGCA has been in continuous touch with airlines to ensure deployment of Cat III compliant aircraft and Cat III trained crew during fog period. 

However,inspite of repeated efforts in this regard, two flights each of Jet Airways, Go Air andIndiGo were diverted from Delhi to Jaipur.  

Operational Control AAI informed that one of the flight crew on the said flights was not Cat III trained.  Thus, the above mentioned airlines violated the provisions of Para 10.18 of CAR Section 3, Series C, Part II and Para 14 of AIC 11 of 2009.  

DGCA viewed it very seriously that instructions issued from time to time are not adhered to by the airlines. 

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